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Behemoth & Leviathan
Legendary animals from the Book of Job
1 2 28 Jul 2009




Behemoth & Leviathan

South Australia [flag]


Posted on 28 Jul 2009
Thanks very much for your fantastic articles on leviathan and behemoth mentioned in Job. Your articles from the top of the tree of Google search results appear to be the most sensible on the subject by a very long margin.  Whoever wrote these articles is a legend. Not only is the contentious topic of animal identity properly considered, but the purpose of its place in the dialogue is presented at the conclusion of the article on leviathan (Job 41).

Pastor Mike F.
Louisville KE, USA [flag]


Posted on 18 May 2006
I am preaching through the book of Job and have found your info on the behemoth and Leviathan very helpful. I have book marked your site and will tell others. Thanks for your resources.

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