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Here's your opportunity to participate in the advancement of the Bible in Song ministry.

The Bible in Song ministry currently witnesses on a daily basis to about 500 unique web browsers a day:

  • who are searching for background information including Bible Commentaries and trivia about psalms and popular Bible passages
  • who listen to and buy music uniquely composed to the Bible
  • who are looking for Bible and inspirational quotes including Bible Promises on important life issues
  • who are seeking for sermons, and
  • those who wish to test and further their Bible knowledge by way of Bible games and puzzles

    The Bible in Song ministry is non-denominational and independently operated.  Through the Bible in Song website, the ministry is built around Scripture music songs.  All song lyrics are direct from the Authorised KJV Bible, without any paraphrase.  The underlying assumption behind every web page is that the Bible is divinely inspired and the ultimate source of truth.

    The Bible is taken to mean exactly what it says: from the Genesis creation account and the fire breathing leviathan of Job 41, through to the teaching that salvation comes only through Jesus Christ, and the certainty of future prophecies foretold in Daniel and Revelation.

    The future plans of the Bible in Song ministry include expanding the Sermons and Bible Commentaries category and recording more music

    Any donations will be greatly appreciated and serve a worthy cause.


    Simply click on the PayPal button to add a donation to your cart.


    About Donations

    How to make donations

    Simply click on the PayPal button to add a donation to your cart. After completing your donation you will receive an email from PayPal to advise that the transaction was successful.
    You may log into your account at to view details of this transaction. You will also receive an email (usually within 24 hours) from Bible in Song to thank you for your payment.

    Nominate the purpose

    When you make a donation you may indicate the purpose for which your contribution is intended, ie
    expanding the number of Bible Sermons
    recording a particular song
    recording a particular album, or
    general purposes


    Be specific

    Individual songs can be chosen from those listed on the Song page, while album categories may include:
    Isaiah the Gospel Prophet
    Sermon on the Mount
    More Psalms