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1 7 21 Jun 2012


Bible Commentaries
Commentaries on the Books of Daniel and Revelation
1 1 10 Apr 2006







Posted on 21 June 2012
I was most impressed by your address on the subject of Jonah\'s experience in the fish. Can you tell me more about your organisation, is it only through the internet of do you have a congregation?



Posted on 9 May 2012
I just wanted to say that I believe that I know a lot about the books of Daniel and Revelation, by the help of the Holy Spirit.  I find that some pastors are incorrect on some of the points, however, Brother Pepper seems to be on point.  To God be the glory.

Andre A.


Posted on 12 Sep 2011
I came across this site by accident. Definitely worth it!

Philip S.


Posted on 19 Feb 2011
Sermon: 7,000 year "Theory"
Isn't this a FACT and not a theory ? 

Jeffrey G. Ph.D 


Posted on 29 Oct 2010
Sermon: Exploring God's Universe
I just read your sermon on Exploring God's Universe by Brian Pepper, with interest. I am a Christian. I am also a geologist and an archaeologist. 

Andre A.
Sandys Bermuda


Posted on 14 May 2010
I was looking up Adventist sermons and I came across your website. I am an Elder here in Bermuda.
Can the free sermons be used to preach?

USA [flag]


Posted on 31 Dec 2005
Thank you for posting some of (Brian Pepper's) sermons. It's like reading the very words Jesus has spoken to me and is a great encouragement. I cannot say that about many Pastors but I can say that about (Pr Pepper). Thank you.

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Bible Commentaries

George C.
Bedford Texas USA [flag]


Posted on 12 Mar 2006
I'm doing a verse-by-verse study of the book (of Revelation) and I like what Brian Pepper has to say.

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