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   Psalms & Songs

Song Previews
Song Title Play Listen
Psalm 13 2.29
Psalm 15 2.35
Psalm 20 3.12
Psalm 24 4.09
Psalm 43 4.54
Psalm 61 3.34
Psalm 70 2.30
Psalm 93 3.46
Psalm 114 2.27
Proverbs 31:2-9 4.07
Ecclesiastes 3:1-8 3.39
Matthew 5:3-10 2.53
Psalm 129 (COMPILATION ALBUM) 2.52

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CD Cover and Booklet (click to enlarge)

Front Booklet page 8 Tray Card CD disc
Booklet Pages 2 & 3 Booklet Pages 4 & 5 Booklet Pages 6 & 7

Album Credits
  Vocalists   Composer
  Vocalists: Rosie Harris,  Hannah Risi, Rochelle Carter, Kacey Brooks   Music composed by Brett Alexander
Arrangements by Richard John
Additional music by Mike Eastman
  Musician & Recording   Artwork & CD design
  Guitar by Glenn Rogers   Photography by Evalast Designs
Engineered & Recorded by Mike Eastman at Eastman Music, Rossmoyne, Perth, Western Australia Artwork by FJC Graphic Design
Psalms & Songs

The CD album Psalms & Songs is a 12 track 40 minute studio album released in 2000. It is exclusively marketed on the Bible in Song website.  All lyrics from the King James (KJV) Bible.  See below for album credits.



Testimonials and Comments



Compilation Album

The Psalms & Songs compilation album includes all songs from Psalms & Songs plus 2 additional psalms. The CD album consists of 14 song tracks and plays for 46 minutes.  The CD is exclusively marketed on the Bible in Song website.  All lyrics from the King James (KJV) Bible. 


Psalms Song Category

The Psalms Song Category is a great starting point for searching the songs which make up this music category. The song category page contains Daily Scriptures and easy links to song previews and song pages. The song pages include interesting background information and commentary about the songs and their Bible author. Sometimes there are links to related web pages including Bible Quotes, Sermons, and Bible Games and Puzzles.


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If you are having trouble hearing the song samples or buying CDs please email us with details.



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