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  Fundraising, Marketing or Business Opportunities

If you are fundraising for churches, schools, organisations, community groups or any other good cause, you may to consider selling Bible in Song CDs which have been heavily discounted for fund raising purposes (up to 70% off regular prices depending on quantities purchased).

Bible in Song CDs
Bible in Song currently markets 3 music CDs featured on the right hand side of this page. The CDs are professionally recorded studio albums with excellent singers and musicians. On these albums are featured many psalms and popular Bible passages set to peaceful and relaxing music.

Selling Bible in Song CDs is in some ways similar to selling Bibles. Most album tracks are complete chapters of the Bible.  All song lyrics are word for word from the King James Bible, without any alteration or paraphrase. Selling Bible CDs not only spreads the Word but also raises funds to record more album projects.  The more sales will increase the likelihood of recording additional albums in the Bible in Song CD series such as The Messiah, Sermon on the Mount, Ruth, Samson, Proverbs, Song of Solomon, Ecclesiastes, Job, Revelation, Psalms 1-10, Psalms 91-100 and much more.

Why choose a CD as a Fundraiser?
  • Healthy fundraising alternative to selling chocolates and lollies
  • It is like selling music version Bibles with song lyrics direct from the Authorised King James Version
  • Provides a lasting keepsake for listening enjoyment, meditation and memorisation of Scriptures
  • Great for large Church congregations
  • Best of all - it's an excellent return on investment - depending on the quantity you select, unit cost can be as low as $5 while your retail price could be $20 or more.
Fundraising example
Sell 1000 CDs at suggested $20 retail price $20,000
Less: cost of CDs, postage and insurance* $6,900
Fund raising proceeds $13,100

*For a quantity of 1000, CDs are priced at $6.50 plus postage, packaging and insurance.

How price varies with quantity purchased
CD prices vary with the quantity purchased as follows:
Quantity Unit Price
1,000 $6.90
5,000 $5.80
10,000 $4.90

The above prices are inclusive of the cost of CDs, postage, packaging and insurance. Postage rates are based on CDs being posted air mail from Australia to USA or the rest of the world. Cheaper rates are available for Australian and New Zealand customers, if sold without cases, or if shipped by sea mail.

How to get started
CDs can be purchased from the Store page in lots of 1000. CDs can also be purchased in any of the above quantities however you will need to contact us with details of your requirements and we will advise you of a price and how to pay. Deliveries may take up to 2 months due to manufacture and shipping service.

No returns
Please note that there is a policy of no refunds or returns for any unsold stock.




Ideal Fundraiser for Churches

An easy and effective way to raise money for your church, its ministries, schools, or any other non-profit organization. Imagine...You and your members never again have to be burdened by selling "so-so" fundraising products like candy bars or coupon books. Instead, you can offer people something they truly WANT—soothing, relaxing, peaceful and meditative music that's the perfect musical back-drop for reading, sleeping, or quiet time.


Sing Psalms unto Him

The CD album Sing Psalms unto Him is an 8 track 49 minute studio album released in March 2004. All lyrics are from the King James (KJV) Bible.


Faith, Hope and Charity

The CD album Faith, Hope and Charity is a 4 track 51 minute studio album released on 30 November 2005. All lyrics from the King James (KJV) Bible, with the exception of 1 Corinthians 13:4-8a where the word 'love' is substituted for 'charity'. 


Wings of the Morning

The CD album Wings of the Morning is a 5 track 30 minute studio album released in 2010. All lyrics from the King James (KJV) Bible. 


Bible in Song Store 
Great range of CD albums available at store page. 4 hours 30 mins of the King James Bible set to music. You can also purchase MP3s, sheet music, sermons, Psalm 23 PowerPoint and wedding song kits.


Contact Us

If you are having trouble hearing the song samples or buying CDs please email us with details.


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