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Win a FREE MP3!!

The first correct entrant for the month wins a free MP3. More than one mp3 may be given away if there were no winners in the previous month(s). You can enter this contest by filling out the following form and correctly answering the questions (clues provided). 

Only one entry per person is available however you are eligible to be entered twice in the contest if you purchase an MP3 or CD through our website or on-line.  Only COMPLETE forms will be entered. 

(Providing there are correct entries) every month we will be giving away a free MP3 of CD quality for download. Winners will be notified by email and the winners' name will be posted on this page within 7 days of the drawing.  


Personal Information

Your First & Last Name:

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Your City:

Your State, Postal Code & Country:

The following "30 second" mystery audio clip is from which song?

Hint: Psalms 1 2 13 19 23 24 34 43 46 91
Eccl. 3:1-9 Matt. 5:3-10



Which song would you like as a free download?


Have you purchased an MP3 or CD?

Please enter the code from the above image:


(We won't give your email address to anyone and will only use it to contact you if you've won)

April 2015

Caroline Okposo, Abuja Nigeria

Dec 2014: Caroline Galindo, NY USA

Jul 2014: Vera Singletary, NC USA

Nov 2013: Jennifer Bogart, Arcadia, Canada

Mar 2013: Karl Kuhle, Qld Australia

Feb 2013: Carisa Stahl , DE USA

Jun 2012: David Smith, OR USA
May 2012: Rachelle Arnett, MO USA
Apr 2012: Mária Šestáková, Slovakia
Mar 2012: David Samson, India
Feb 2012: David Tan, Patong, Phuket
Sep 2011: Josphert Kimatu, Machakos, Kenya
May 2011: Deborah Fetuiai, Wellington, New Zealand
Apr 2011: Lee Franklin, SC USA
Nov 2010: Emily Rucker , OK  USA
Oct 2010: Andrea Cheeks,  AL, USA
Sep 2010: Tabitha Harper , SC  USA
Aug 2010: Jo Harrington, Idaho , USA
Aug 2009: Hong Chiew Eng, Malaysia
Jul 2009: Leigh Wilson, South Australia
Mar 2009: Melanie Pegado, Auckland, New Zealand
Dec 2008: Ladonna Hartke, Washington, USA
Nov 2008: Josphert Kimatu , Changchun, China
Sep 2008: Stacey Russo , San Miguel, Mexico
Jul 2008: Kerri King , Barbados, West Indies
Jun 2008: Lori Hovey , Colorado USA
May 2008: Daphne Davies, USA
Apr 2008: Arella Rosso, USA
Mar 2008: Joshua-ashish Macwan , India
Feb 2008: Velma Blake , Jamaica
Sep 2006: Elvino Barreto , Pondicherry, India
Aug 2006: Andrew Greenidge , Colorado USA
May 2006: Margaret Bruce, Scotland UK
Apr 2006: William Glass, Illinois USA
Jan 2006: Emmanuel Ansah, Ghana

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Find out how to win free CDs, DVDs and MP3s. For existing customers we offer more freebies, discounts and free membership. Customers are eligible for 2 entries in the next Win a FREE CD contest, PowerPoint presentations, free mp3s and sheet music.



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 Psalm 1  Psalm 46
  Psalm 13   Psalm 70
  Psalm 20   Ecclesiastes 3:1-8
  Psalm 23   Matthew 5:3-10
  Psalm 24   1 Corinthians 13
 Psalm 43  


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If you are having trouble hearing the song samples or buying CDs please email us with details.



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